Who else is thinking about Spring and new sneakers?

Who else is thinking about Spring and new sneakers?

I got up this morning and worked on some new sneaker designs, mostly for spring.


Eagle Catches Fish high-top sneakers features a nature graphic of an eagle swooping down toward the water to catch a fish, these sneakers make a bold statement while being perfect for everyday wear.

,Introducing the Honey Bee high-top sneakers,captured in mid-flight graphic adds a chic, eye-catching touch to any outfit.  

Boat Wake high-tops are a must-have for any boat-loving sneaker enthusiast. 


The Moon Forest High-Top Sneakers are made from high-quality materials and feature a unique, dark, mysterious design that is sure to turn heads.

These stylish kicks feature a comfortable and lightweight design with a sleek, modern look. The Bottlenose Dolphins high-top sneakers feature a unique color palette reminiscent of the ocean.

Our Spring Daisies high-top sneakers give the pop to perfect a striking look for any occasion.

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